Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Get to know your neighbours and live longer

Do you know your neighbours or the people living across the street? What about the people that you share the work elevator with?

This Sunday 30 March marks national Neighbour Day and the coming together of neighbours and people who’ve never met.  

“It’s about connecting with the people around us and fostering a sense of community,” Relationships Australia NT CEO Marie Morrison said.

“We all lead busy lives and have precious spare time, but Neighbour Day reminds us to pause, look around and get to know the people next door or in the same street.”

Ms Morrison said getting to know your neighbours isn’t only the foundation of a healthy community, but it will make you happier and help you live longer.

“Evidence says that connecting with your neighbours increases your happiness and longevity,” Ms Morrison said.

“For example, a study by Duke University in the USA found that people aged 55 to 80 who trusted their neighbours lived longer on average over the next 14 years than those who didn’t.

“Other studies have found that interacting with your neighbours lifts your mood, reduces your stress and instils a sense of belonging.

“The better you get to know your neighbours the more likely you are to trust them and the more you stand to gain in health and wellbeing.”

Relationships Australia said it’s holding a morning tea with Neighbour Day Ambassador and Darwin Lord Mayor Katrina Fong Lim for the businesses at 43 Cavenagh St on Wednesday, 26 March.

The community service organisation is also encouraging all locals to get behind the cause.

“Why not hold a BBQ, say a simple hello or head to one of the publicly registered morning teas and barbeques in your area,” Ms Morrison said.

Neighbour Day public events in your area on Sunday 30 March:

·         Jonathan Pilbrow BBQ, Larapinta. Connect with ‘Friends of Larapinta’ Facebook group
·         Kylie Adams BBQ, Sadadeen
·         Allan Mitchell BBQ, Anula 
·         Alice Springs Town Council BBQ, Frank McEllister Community Park, 10am to 2pm

Please call Relationships Australia and ask for Tracey for all the details on 8923 4926 or visit www.nt.relationships.org.au/

For media enquiries please contact Domonique Young on 8941 9169 or email domonique@creativeterritory.com

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