Friday, December 13, 2013

Vista Gold partners with Landcare for river projects

Funding for two environmental projects aimed at improving land management in the Katherine River catchment area has been given a substantial boost by Vista Gold.

The two projects, initiated by the Katherine Landcare Group, deal with the management of weeds by landowners in the Katherine River catchment and improving degraded sites throughout the Katherine region.

Landcare Project Manager Jamie Lewis said the $5,000 funding could not have come at a better time.

“We have had an overwhelming response to these projects, with initial funding now complete the Vista Gold support will enable us to continue to engage with local landowners to improve the river catchment.”

Vista Gold’s funding will support Landcare’s “Need help with weeds” and “Protecting the biodiversity of the Katherine, Edith, Cullen and Ferguson river catchments” projects.

The “Need help with weeds” project provides herbicide, loan equipment and advice to landholders in the Katherine River catchment to enable them to identify and treat infestations of invasive woody weeds on their properties and adjacent crown lands.

“In the past 12 months this project engaged nearly 70 rural landholders and managed woody weeds over 260 hectares. Vista Gold’s contribution will enable this project to continue and expand,” Mr Lewis said.

“Through the additional funding we will also be able to grow several thousand native seedlings for revegetation under the biodiversity project.”

Vista Gold Australia General Manager Brent Murdoch said that the company was pleased to assist and welcomed the partnership with Landcare.

“Looking after the environment in which we operate is our highest priority,” he said.

“Working with Landcare to build a better future for the Edith and Katherine Rivers will benefit the whole of the community. This partnership gives us an opportunity to share information we have gathered through our water monitoring program and contribute to community based activities.”

The Katherine Landcare projects are also generously supported by the Katherine Town Council, Landmark, Territory NRM and the Department of Land Resource Management.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

TIO helps shape next generation of leaders

TIO has opened its doors to two young achievers from Alice Springs to help build leaders of the future.

For first time the company extended its sponsorship of the Alice Springs Desert Leadership program and invited Monica Quan and Nathan McAuliffe to participate in its three-day leadership program in Darwin.

TIO Chief Executive Richard Harding said the company wanted to build confidence in the community and support its future leaders.

 “Desert Knowledge Australia presents us with a new and unique opportunity to engage future leaders and encourage them to make a difference in the Territory,” Mr Harding said.

“The program aims to help them foster their development and capabilities.”

Monica Quan, who is a Camera Person and Editor at Imparja Television, said the TIO leadership program encouraged her to face her fears.

“I learnt you that can make meaningful change in small steps,” Ms Quan said.

“TIO has cultivated a culture that questions itself, the way it does things and to challenge the status quo, which is important for any leader.”

Nathan, who is a plumber with Ingkerreke Commercial, added that the skills he learnt during the program relate to all areas of life.

“You can relate and apply leadership to your family situation, your footy team or your workplace and make a choice to make it a good environment – it’s about the positive role we play,” he said.

Monica and Nathan are both part-way through their one-year intensive leadership program with ASDL.

The Alice Springs Desert Leadership program aims to build the next generation of leaders by equipping participants with the knowledge to make.

TIO has been a sponsor of the program since April 2013


For further information please contact:

Tracy Jones, Creative Territory 89 461694

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Young Territorians least likely to finish studies

Mission Australia’s 2013 National Youth Survey has found one in seven Territory teens don’t intend to complete year twelve.

The alarming figure is more than three times the national average and coupled with the finding that less than two-thirds of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with their school studies.

The Youth Survey, which is the country’s biggest annual stocktake on the views of young people, was completed by 109 Territorians aged between 15 and 19 years.   

When asked to nominate the most important issues for Australia, young people in the NT rated alcohol and drugs at the top of the list for the second year in a row.

In a new concerning trend, mental health jumped from eighth spot in 2012 to second among young Territorians.

The top three personal concerns for young people in the NT continued to be school or study problems, coping with stress, and body image.

Other survey highlights include:

·         Around 1 in 5 young people in the NT indicated their family’s ability to get along was poor – more than twice the national average

·         Almost one in five young people in the NT were negative or very negative in their outlook for the future (compared to 8 per cent nationally)

·         More than one third of young people in the NT aged 15-19 are currently looking for work (including part-time/casual)

·         Only 35 per cent of young people in the NT plan to go to university (compared with 65 per cent nationally)

·         The internet is the number one source of information for young people in the NT, with 40 per cent of respondents spending at least 20 hours a week on social networking sites

Mission Australia’s 12th national Youth Survey not only asked young people about their personal and national concerns, it also surveyed what young people value, who they turn to for advice, what activities they engage in, their views on employment and how they feel about the future.

Sue Kendrick said the fact almost 15 per cent of young people surveyed in the NT said they didn’t intend to complete year twelve – more than three times the national average – is a serious concern, coupled with the low rate of young people planning to go on to university, TAFE or college.

“We need greater investment in youth education, training and employment, particularly in communities where there is entrenched disadvantage,” Ms Kendrick said.

“There are significant economic and social benefits that flow over many years from improving the participation of young people.

“Encouraging our young people to not only complete their schooling, but also to pursue higher education and training will be crucial to meeting their career needs as well as the needs of our future workforce.”

Ms Kendrick said it was also concerning that young people in the NT are becoming increasingly concerned about mental health issues.

“When asked how positive they felt about the future, almost one in five respondents in the NT was negative or very negative in their outlook - this compares to 8 per cent nationally,” she said.

“We need to ensure that young adults in the NT have the support they need, so they can look to the future with confidence and do not fall through the cracks while trying to make the journey from adolescence into adulthood.

“If we take this opportunity to listen to their voices and act on their concerns, we can provide hope for the future of our state and the next generation of NT youth who will lead it.”

Mission Australia is a leading community organisation, focused on standing together with Australians in need, until they can stand for themselves. We want to support our young people to gain independence and lead productive, fulfilling lives.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Thousands of Territorians sign on to save badminton

The Northern Territory Badminton Association will tomorrow submit the single largest petition in NT Parliament history.

The petition, which calls on NT Government to “defer the eviction of badminton from the Sports House facility and agree to allocate funds for and facilitate construction of a new multi-purpose facility for badminton, table tennis and judo at Marrara during the 2014-2015 financial year as detailed in the NT Badminton Association New Venue Proposal September 2013”, has been signed by more than 12 300 Territorians in the past five weeks.

The petition will be presented to the Hon Gerry Wood MLA on the steps of Parliament House at 9:30am for submission to Parliament later that day.

And to make sure their plight is heard, a group of local badminton players have planned a “Badminton Flashmob” at the handover.

“People we meet are very surprised to hear that we’re being thrown out on to the street and that the NT Government is not proposing a replacement facility - they say that it’s very unfair,” NT Badminton volunteer Monica Beadman said.

“We have been absolutely overwhelmed with support from the people of Darwin, Palmerston and Rural Areas,” volunteer Helena Gibbons said.

“People have been incredibly sympathetic to our plight and we thank everyone for their fantastic support!”

The NTBA said it calls on the NT Government to listen to overwhelming community opinion and “give our sport a fair go and support our proposal for a replacement facility”.
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