Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Top Enders urged to act now to minimise potential loss

Top Enders impacted by the major power outage have been urged to take action now to minimise potential spoiling of food in fridges and freezers.

TIO General Manager Insurance Michael Hoare said residents who followed guidelines published by the NT Government’s environmental health unit should suffer minimal loss of food.

“While some insurance policies do cover people for loss of food in a major power outage, there are steps people can take now to keep their food safe,” Michael said.

“Keeping your fridge and freezer doors closed during an outage can make a major difference to the usable life of food.”

For businesses, similar steps should be followed to protect food where possible.  Some businesses may have taken additional cover for food spoilage and they should check their own policies or contact their broker.

More information on food spoilage is available on the Northern Territory Government website

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