Friday, November 08, 2013

Local business takes out national new enterprise award

When Darwin girl Holly Copping decided to return home to set up her own business little did she know that in less than a year her business would be thriving and her efforts recognised by a national award program.
Holly, who established Territory Laser Clinic in December 2012, is a recent recipient of the National New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) Association award for the Best New Business in 2013, a first for a Territory business.

NEIS is a self-employment program funded by the Department of Employment. The program helps eligible unemployed people become self-supporting and independent of Centrelink by establishing and running their own business.

The goal of NEIS is to help set up a sustainable business. To ensure the success of the programme, NEIS providers carefully select people with viable business ideas.
Mission Australia, the largest NEIS provider within Australia, provides accredited small business training, business advice, mentoring and ongoing income support for the first year of operation.

Holly worked with Mission Australia in the Northern Territory to establish her business, Territory Laser Clinic, to treat skin disorders similar to those that she had experienced as a teenager.
After graduating with qualifications in Dermal Therapies, her parents mortgaged their home to allow Holly to purchase the laser equipment and establish a professionally appointed premise.

Mission Australia went on to nominate Holly for the national award in recognition of the vital service Territory Laser Clinic provides to people living in the Territory and Holly’s ability to nurture and grow the business.
In the first year, Holly has already firmly established her business and employed a full time staff member.

Holly was thrilled to win the award and said that the Mission Australia QLD and NT Team was and continues to be of invaluable assistance in establishing her business. 
“From my own experience, I knew that there was a need in the Territory to help people suffering from skin disorders, but the response has been overwhelming.

“The business has grown immensely in a short period of time and I am extremely lucky to have the support of Territorians,” she said.

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