Monday, October 14, 2013

Get advanced warning this Wet Season

TIO is helping Territorians be prepared this wet season with “TIO Weather Alerts,” an SMS and e-mail alert program that will be available free of charge to all Territorians.

“Almost 3000 Territorians are already benefiting from this free service, which alerts those registered to potentially dangerous weather systems by sending an SMS or an Email,” said Michael Hoare, TIO General Manager of Insurance.

The advance warnings allow residents to ensure that windows are shut, cars are moved under cover and loose outdoor items are properly secured to minimize the chance of damage,” he said.

The TIO Weather Alerts will also warn of impending or approaching cyclonic weather systems. The TIO alert is meant to act as a first warning, with homeowners then urged to monitor the Bureau of Meteorology’s website as events unfold. 

The alerts can be tailored to postcodes, ensuring that those in harm’s way are given timely warning and the opportunity to prepare for potential dangers.

For example, the most common warnings issued last wet season gave Darwin residents warnings on imminent severe thunderstorms. A typical thunderstorm alert will warn of flash flooding, damaging or destructive winds and large hail.

TIO has contracted the Australian Early Warning Network to deliver the alerts which are based on information generated by the Bureau of Meteorology. 

Simply go to to register.

TIO will also promote the service via in-branch brochures, on facebook and twitter and through community cyclone briefings.

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