Thursday, June 06, 2013

New web-based interactive tools help Alice Solar City legacy live on

Alice Solar City has today launched two new interactive web-based tools to help keep its legacy alive as it prepares to close its doors this month.

A Google Maps solar trail and a virtual tour of the Sustainable Living House are now available via the Alice Solar City website as a showcase of some of what Alice Springs has achieved in the last five years.

The launch of the online tools also coincides with the last ever Home Energy Survey, conducted this week at Matt and Donna Digby’s home in Eastside. The Digby’s energy survey was number 2,767 – covering over 30% of all homes in Alice Springs.

“The online tools will help tell our Solar City story, along with the thousands of energy champions who have undergone a home or business energy survey and taken measures to reduce their energy use”, says Alice Solar City General Manager Sam Latz.

“The Google Maps solar trail will take you on a journey of some of the commercial and large scale solar installations around town.”
“Back in March 2008 when we launched, there were only two residential rooftop solar power systems in Alice Springs. Now there are over 700, with 317 of those installed with Alice Solar City’s support.”

“Alice Springs now has a range of nationally significant large solar installations, and it’s something we should be proud of.”

The Sustainable Living House virtual tour includes video and audio of all the energy and water saving measures installed at the private Kurrajong Drive home, which was open to the public for two years from 2009 to 2011.

“Over 1200 people visited the house to see first hand the range of measures they could implement at home to save power and water, and we wanted that resource to still be available after we close.”
Both of the online tools are available via the Alice Solar City homepage at

The website also contains residential and commercial case studies, an online ‘Wall of Champions’, downloadable fact sheets and detailed advice and information on going solar. A full report on the Sustainable Living House can also be download.
Alice Solar City’s Smart Living Centre at 82 Todd Street will close its doors on Friday 14 June, but the website will remain available into the future as a resource for the Alice Springs community.

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