Friday, April 12, 2013

Swimming pool changes could save as much electricity as a large solar power station

A change to the operation of more than 1,400 swimming pools in Alice Springs could result in large-scale electricity savings and over half a million dollars staying in homeowners’ pockets.

The revelation has been made by Alice Solar City after an analysis of pool ownership in the town and the results of a recent pool pump competition.

Alice Solar City General Manager Sam Latz says that the 1,400 residential swimming pools in the town collectively consume an estimated 3,100 Megawatt Hours (MWh) of electricity per year, costing $880,000.
“That’s over $600 per household each year just to run a pool pump” says Sam Latz.

“If all these pools were to switch to using a ‘variable speed’ pool pump and were operated for maximum savings, we would save 2,000MWh of electricity worth $560,000 per year, along with 1,400 tonnes of annual greenhouse gas emissions.”

“This is close to the savings being achieved at the Uterne solar power station, located south of the town.”

“To switch all pool owners to using a variable speed pump would be a collective cost of $1.5 million, an investment which would repay itself in savings in less than three years.
“Further, we would reduce peak demand on our electricity network depending when the pumps run, avoiding the need for more expensive investment in power lines and generators.”

Mr Latz says that the savings were evidenced during a recent push to get pool owners to undertake a free Pool Energy Consultation.

“We know that homeowners are keen to find ways to reduce their electricity bills, especially with the recent increase in power prices. So we offered pool owners the chance to have a free Pool Energy Consultation over summer, highlighting that pools typically make up 30% of the power bill.”

“We conducted 42 consultations as part of the competition and consistently found that 50% energy savings could be achieved if a new variable speed pool pump was installed, or a variable speed controller installed onto the existing standard pool pump.”

“We also found that pool pumps are often set to run more than necessary, and pool owners can further reduce their pool-related electricity costs by altering the pool pumping schedule.”

One lucky Alice Springs household Fred Miegel took up the offer of the pool consultation and won the draw to win the competition prize of $1000 towards a variable speed pool pump, which will help them save $400 on their power bills each year.

“It’s nice to know that what we were doing was pretty close to getting maximum energy savings, but with the new pool pump we’ll be able to save even more”, said Mr Miegel.

Sam Latz said, “If all pool owners switched to the variable speed pool pump it would present a great opportunity for not only the town, but for homeowner’s hip-pockets.”


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