Monday, November 26, 2012

Love leads to Mission Australia Katherine

Michelle Kudell took a chance on love and is now the new Regional Services Manager for Mission Australia in Katherine.

The former Manager for Indigenous Health at Darling Downs and South West Queensland Medicare Local reconnected with her high school sweetheart, whom she’s known for 28 years, and followed her heart north.

As fate would have it, Mission Australia was looking for someone with her experience, passion and enthusiasm to lead their Katherine team and manage delivery of its regional programs.

Ms Kudell has more than 10 years in the health welfare and education industry and a strong interest in Indigenous health. 

At GP Connections in Toowoomba she headed up the development of the Be Proud card, which helps aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people access mainstream health services, and was instrumental in organising an Indigenous Health Committee for the Darling Downs region.

“I love to work creatively and hope I can inspire my team to achieve new and great things in their field,” Ms Kudell said.

“I aim to continue to build our current programs and look for ways to make them sustainable and relevant to the community.”

Mission Australia run a variety of programs in Katherine and surrounding remote communities including money management, housing support, early intervention programs for youth homelessness and dedicated case management.

“I’d also like to be proactive in helping the homeless and be part of community task forces that achieve real results,” Ms Kudell said.

When not at work, you’re likely to see the visual artist (and her sweetheart) trying to land a barra or exploring the natural wonders in the region.

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