Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pop icon to launch Private Pop exhibition

International singer-songwriter, Leo Sayer will launch an exhibition of prints and ephemera from the sixties and seventies in Darwin this week.

The exhibition showcases the personal art collection of locally-based artist Geoff Todd and includes prints by Andy Warhol and Sydney Nolan, an original painting that became a Leo Sayer Album Cover 'Just a Boy', pop memorabilia and his own works.

The catalogue for the “Private Pop” exhibition is based around a discussion recorded in Bali between Geoff Todd and Leo Sayer Leo about art, fans and idols and living through the sixties to the eighties with "art awareness".

Having met in 2006, the two artists now consider themselves to be close friends who share an intellectual connection and understanding of what art is about.

Todd says that he and Sayer were similarly art trained, the same age and seemed to share the same interests over their lives, “we seemed to connect”.

“Together we have worked on lots of things and shared ideas and compared life notes and influences. One of the outcomes has been the exhibition "Private Pop" which happily has found its way to Darwin.”

The collection is not for sale however the limited edition collectors book can be bought and signed by Sayer and Todd.

“Private Pop” will be on exhibition until 31 May at the Vault Gallery, 51 Smith Street from 10am - 4pm weekdays.

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