Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weatherman part of Craft Fair fun

Crafty and creative stallholders will take over the Darwin Waterfront this Friday when it welcomes over 2300 passengers from across the country and New Zealand. The Sun Princess Cruise Passenger Ship will dock at Fort Hill Wharf after travelling from Perth, Bali and the Kimberley Coast.
The Waterfront is holding a Craft Fair that will kick off at 9am along the Wharf 1 podium off Kitchener Drive.
The Fair will display handmade wares of local designers from jewellery, to leather accessories and organic skin care products to children’s clothes.
Television personality Monte Dwyer, The Today Show's ex-weatherman turned author, videographer and musician, will be in on the action too. Dwyer will be offering his range of Red in the Centre travel books and DVDs, which showcase stories and characters from right across the country.
“My books are about the people I meet as I travel the country as a working journalist, from the nutters and nudists to the sinners and saints, and all the usual suspects in-between. 
“I started my television career in Darwin and it's always been supportive of creativity, so I’m delighted to be part of the Craft Fair.”
The Craft Fair will start at 9am on Friday 22 July and wrap up at 2pm.
Twittercue: Craft Fair @Darwinwaterfront Fri 22 July 9am to 2pm. Come explore the creative talents of #Topend #DarwinNT designers and artists

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