Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Sustainable Living House Warms Up for Winter

The onset of winter will see new energy efficient technology put to the test at the Alice Springs Sustainable Living House, which has a public open day this Saturday.
A new solar air heating system, installed during winter last year has already proved its worth with the resident of the house, Maggie Turnbull.

“After the roof was painted white, and with the colder than normal temperatures last year, we noticed the house felt quite a bit cooler than in previous years.”

“The new solar heating system has been doing its job already this year by providing warm, fresh air to the house, helping to reduce the need to use other heating systems.”

The system uses a roof mounted solar panel to heat fresh air, and then pumps that heated air into the house.

It works best on sunny days, and as the typical winter’s day in Alice is cool but sunny, this type of technology is well suited to Alice Springs.

“Permanently closing the old vents in the ceiling has further helped to keep the warmer air in, and along with our solar hot water system, rooftop solar system, low energy lighting and other energy efficient measures, our overall energy bill should be just a fraction of an average Alice Springs home”, said Ms Turnbull.

Alice Solar City are monitoring the before and after temperatures at the house to assess how effective the solar air heating system is.

Some of the other energy efficient measures installed by Alice Solar City include an external colourbond ‘skin’ and adjustable shading.

Visitors can see how much energy the house is using and generating via an LCD in-house display.

DesertSMART COOLmob has fitted out the house with the latest off-the-shelf water efficient products, including a new 4.3/5 litre dual flush toilet, new tap fittings, showerhead and washing machine, and a clever rainwater tank that delivers water straight to the solar hot water system.

A ‘Water Wise’ booklet which shows simple and effective ways to lower your water use, including information on greywater systems and native gardens, will be available.

The Sustainable Living House is open from 1pm to 4pm this Saturday at 68 Kurrajong Drive.

Alice Springs Sustainable Living House puts new energy efficient technology to the test. Open Day this Saturday 1-4pm 68 Kurrajong Drv #Alice Springs #Sustainable #Green


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About Alice Solar City
The Alice Springs Solar City Consortium is led by the Alice Springs Town Council and includes broad community support from the Northern Territory Government, Power and Water Corporation, Tangentyere Council, the Northern Territory Chamber of Commerce, the Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre and the Arid Lands Environment Centre. Funding sources include the Australian Government, the Northern Territory Government, Power and Water Corporation, and Alice Springs Town Council.

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