Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TIO says Top Enders should prepare for cyclone threat

Territorians have been reminded that it is too late to buy or update insurance policies for the current cyclone threat, but it is not too late to take other precautions.

TIO General Manager Insurance Michael Hoare said most insurers required cover or policy changes to be in place at least 72 hours before an extreme weather event.

Mr Hoare said TIO’s call centre had been busy with calls from people in the Top End looking to update their cover.

“Unfortunately, we are not able to do so for this event, although people have been taking the opportunity to update their cover for future events,” Mr Hoare said.

“Customers are also seeking reassurance that they are covered for cyclone, flood and storm surge. In the case of TIO, they are automatically covered but people insured elsewhere should check their policies carefully.”

Mr Hoare advised Territorians to prepare their homes and families by:
  • Having a personal disaster plan for their family, including where to go and what to do in the case of storm surge or flooding
  • Preparing an emergency kit with portable radio, fresh batteries, nonperishable food, water and enclosed footwear. Don’t forget special medical or baby needs.
  • Secure loose items and plan how to protect personal belongings, photographs and documents.
  • Care for friends and neighbours.

For further information please contact:
Chris Thiel, TIO Head of Corporate Relations
Telephone: 8946 2651 Mobile: 0407216650


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