Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Don’t just blog it – think about it.

I recently read a blog that suggested PR agencies were not practicing what they preach because only a quarter of them had blogs.

As a PR agency with a blog, you might expect me to agree with this line of thinking. But I don’t.

Blogging is just ONE strategy that a PR agency – or anyone else for that matter – may use to communicate with its target audience. Others include Yellow Pages, advertising, networking, media, newsletters, e-newsletters, website … shall I go on with my list?

My own agency has a blog but we don’t use Yellow Pages or hard copy newsletters. I know of other agencies that do use newsletters and advertising but not blogs. We each choose the right tools for our product and our audience.

Similarly, we strongly recommend that some of our clients use Facebook but not others. We recommend TV advertising for some campaigns but not others.

Not every tool is appropriate in every circumstance and blogging is no different. So how do you choose?

I always start with the same questions:

· What do you want to achieve?
· What are your key messages?
· Who do you need to talk to?
· What will push their buttons?

Don’t waste your money on activities that won’t achieve your goals. Put your time and energy into ones that will.


  1. Good post and commentry on blogs for PR. I totally agree that blogs don't suit all client accounts, depending on the onjectives and who they want to reach. However, as far as PRs go, blogging is a natural fit. It has the potential to set an agency up as an industry leader, increase online visibility and build the agency's profile. Not to mention the obvious benefit of demonstrating to clients who may benefit from a corporate blog, how a blog can be executed and the associated benefits.

  2. Anonymous5:16 PM

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